Why Jump?
In this article, we explore the reason Jump was created, 
the problem it solves, and how it can improve your business.
The Problem of Finding Information
You know you saw it somewhere... But where was it? 

You can picture it in your head but you just can't remember what file or folder it was in. Maybe a search could help… so you open Spotlight, Windows Explorer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or some other tool with "search capabilities".

You type in a few keywords, hit enter, and scan through a list of filenames that you barely recognize. 

Well, that didn't help... So now what?

Dig through folders? Open files one by one? Go to Google? Recreate it from scratch? 

As we move from paper to digital, we have more files cluttering our computers every day. It seems like everytime we need something... 
We spend more time looking for the information than actually using it. 
It's not even just trying to find that one Word document anymore. It's trying to find that specific piece of information inside of it.

A year ago, I probably used Control+F every day… seriously?? That’s the best I can do?

As we continue to rely more and more heavily on documents for storing information, being able to find what you need at a moment's notice is more important than ever.

And yet, NONE of the tools you use are designed to help you find that paragraph… that table… that chart…
If you can see it in your head, why can’t you see it in your search results?
That was the fundamental question we wanted to answer.
Wasting time on search = less time creating value
Spending two hours a day actively looking for information is not productive and yet we do it all the time. 

I don't need to tell you that your time is valuable... you know that it is. 

So how much money is being wasted while you dig through your files and folders? 

If you could trade those wasted hours for hours that move your business forward... how much further would you be right now?

In addition, it's hard to put a value on relieving the stress and anxiety of constantly searching for information you might not find. Tedious and frustrating work like that is demoralizing, energy-draining, and reduces work quality across the board.
The Visual Search Solution
Everyone needs a faster document search tool. 

Everyone needs a document search tool that actually works. 

Everyone needs search results that visually show you the information from inside the documents so you can recognize it and Jump right to it. 

Jump is the closest thing imaginable to making your documents read your mind and making pages fly out of the stack, pre-highlighted.

Jump is a combination of a few things: it’s Control+F across all your documents at once, it’s a preview tool to see what pages look like before you open them, and it’s a document reader with powerful search built-in.
Jump is a completely different approach to search...
...but that doesn't mean it's hard to use. 

We simply automated the boring parts of document search, and what’s left is the simple, pleasant experience of seeing the most relevant pages pulled out of your documents and highlighted in a matter of seconds.

This eliminates the most time-consuming parts of document search...
  • You don’t need to remember what you named documents
  • You don’t need to open and close documents to see what’s in them
  • You don’t need to re-search for the same words inside the document
  • You don’t need to switch between multiple apps
...and now you can:
  • Search inside every document in your library, all at once, in just seconds
  • See the most relevant pages — pulled out of your documents and already highlighted
  • Power through large documents in a way that Control+F never could...
  • ...and Jump to the right page on your first try
  • Search for phrases without typing them exactly right
  • Scope searches within a specific folder
  • Turn a scattered document collection into a high-powered, on-demand reference library that helps you move your business forward
Reclaiming Your Time
Jump is saving our users an average of 7 hours per week, with some saving up to 16 hours

How much is that kind of time worth to you?

Saving two days a week is not an exaggeration. For Jump users, it is reality. If you have work that relies on finding information in documents, then it can be your reality as well. 

For many of our customers, 16 hours is the difference between winning and losing the contract. It's the difference between exceptional and unacceptable customer service. 

It's the difference between well-deserved time with friends and family and yet another late night at the office. 

Giving people the ability to spend more time moving their business forward, to reduce stress and anxiety during the work day, and allow them to get home to their families on time is a beautiful thing. 

That is what kept us working on Jump over the last 2 years, even when we were struggling. 

That is why Jump really exists — to help people spend more time on what matters.
Thank you!
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we sincerely hope that Jump can save you as much time as it has for our current users!

Reach out to us if you have any questions, and give the happiest-ever document search experience a try. We think you'll enjoy it :-)

— Jump Team
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